REVIEW: You by Caroline Kepnes


“You are a woman and I am a man and we belong in the dark together.”


I am still in shock at how scary and wonderful this book is.

I am, seriously, still dumbfounded by how much I enjoyed reading this. I don’t know what that says about me, but I was fascinated with how Joe’s mind work.

He was an obsessive psychopath.
Was he scary?
Was he dangerous?
But he was so damn interesting. His thoughts, his actions, his intelligence, drawn me to him.

At the same time, it really freaked me out. He was normal. He seemed normal to other people. But they don’t know. They don’t know what goes on in the sick head of his. It was pretty sick and disturbing guys. It was so fucking crazy and deluded and… just sick.

The thing was, the people around him weren’t great people either. Every single character in this book was just as despicable. Not everyone killed someone. Let’s just say that even the most normal people, aren’t the most innocent.


Joe meets Beck.
Joe falls in love with Beck.
Joe becomes obsessed with Beck.
Joe does everything to get Beck.
When I said everything, I meant everything.


Joe: This guy is a sick mother fucker. He does so many bad and insane things, and he always has a valid reason why he did them. For the most part, you buy them, as sick as that sounds. He said it was about love. Jesus. If that was what love is, I probably won’t want anyone to fall in love with me. Holy shit. He was smart, though. Very smart. I, at this very moment, still could not wrap my head around the idea that a guy like him is possible to exist, that someone I know could be one.

Hearing his thought was such an interesting experience though. I don’t think I’ve had a reading experience like this before. I guess it’s because this would be the first time I’ve read a book told solely on second person.

There were a lot of ways this could go wrong, with Joe not seeming like a human being. But he did. He felt so human to me that this book freaked me out. Kudos to the author for bringing a psychotic character we all love to hate.

Beck: She is the love of Joe’s life. The pussy he would love to fuck. Yep. She’s the girl of his dreams. The one he spent all his time scheming for, killing for. And I, did not like her at all. She was a bitch. I really hated her. Joe may be a messed up person, but so was she. I liked her because she was so unlikable, in a good way. I like it when authors make characters that are so annoying and twisted, that you can’t help yourself but like them. Like Joe, Beck was flawed, but in way that I don’t agree. She never killed anyone, like Joe does, but she isn’t exactly a saint either.

The Doctor: I’m writing this review and I can’t remember the name of the doctor, so I’ll just call him the doctor. He is another character that I really love to hate, but I couldn’t, because he’s just so humanly human. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but yeah, he feels like a human being, and not just a cardboard cutout.

Beck’s friends: They were all bitches and I hate them, especially Peach.


I didn’t know until now, how much I enjoy second person narrative. I’ve always been the type of reader who prefer first person POV, I thought it was more personal, like I was in the character’s head. I know second person POV uses more personal pronouns like you and I, but I just haven’t been exposed to a lot of books like that. I wish there were more! Honestly. I really enjoyed the writing. It was so good, realistic, and extremely freaky. I did not expect that I would love hearing the thoughts of a pathological psycho-stalker.

Aside from the narration, I felt that the characters were one of the highlights of this book. All of the characters in this book have some skeletons in their closets, some more worse than others, but all of them had it, which was fantastic. I felt that I relate to them more because they were fucking things up, like us. I just can’t stand characters being too perfect, because in the real world, we are all not perfect.

I was at the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this. I kept on wondering what stalker Joe was going to do next, or what he was going to be talking about, because Joe, he has such a unique mind. It’s fascinating to see how he views the world. It was twisted, but fascinating.

Joe did some nasty and unforgiveable stuff in this book. He did some crazy shit that could have landed him in jail after a few days. But he was able to elude them all, at least, for this book he did.

I already knew some stuff were bound to happen. Joe was a blind to love, or his version of what love is, that he couldn’t see stuff unfolding before his eyes. But then, something happens that would make you second guess if the person you think was good, really was good. This book took a lot of unexpected turns that I did not expect, and it was really good. That’s all I have to say to that.

I started this book with an audiobook, and mind you, it was the best decision I have ever made. I highly recommend you trying this out as an audiobook. It was definitely a different experience than reading it. It was like I was Beck, and Joe was talking to me. The emotions of the narrator was so great! He sounds exactly how I imagined Joe would sound like.


Made for You by Melissa Marr

I’ve read this book quite a long time ago. This was almost similar to You, only it was more for young adults, and the POV is from the female protagonist. The stalker did have a few POVs of his own, which was pretty creepy too.


Overall, and you can probably tell by now, I loved this book! I really do. It was such an amazing reading experience. I did read this book mostly as an audiobook, and I tell you, if you ever plan to read this book, get the audiobook!

Grab this book, as in, right now!

things to note

you by caroline kepnes

Title: You
Series: You #1
Author: Caroline Kepnes
Genre / Themes: Thriller, Fiction, Mystery
Point of View: Second Person
Publisher: Atria
Publication Date: June 16 2015
Pages: 448


When aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the bookstore where Joe works, he is instantly smitten.

But there’s more to Joe than Beck realises and much more to Beck than her perfect facade. And the obsessive relationship quickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly consequences.

7 thoughts on “REVIEW: You by Caroline Kepnes

  1. Excellent review! I haven’t read this (and I only watched ep 1 of the YOU tv series and you could tell how messed up the mc is!) but it sounds fascinating, definitely chilling! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this one! 😀


  2. This- I- So- What? LOVED your humor through the post. This is an amazing review! (On another note, I’m sure I’ll give this book a wide berth since I can feel it already giving me the creeps.) But I’m amazed at how well you express your feelings about your reads.

    Also “I’m writing this review and I can’t remember the name of the doctor, so I’ll just call him the doctor” is so relatable xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha. thank you. 😁 listen to this on audiobook, that might even freak you out even more. hearing a psychopath telling you about things he plans to do… amazing. lol. i dunno what that says aboute. haha.

      who remembers the names of doctors anyways? 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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