Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

what was your reaction after reading the book?

i was pretty satisfied with what i got from this book.

“There’s nothing better than a little danger dashed with some romance.”

this quote pretty much summarizes what I feel about this book. it has a little bit of everything – the thrill of chasing the bad guy, the mystery of knowing who that person is, then sprinkle that with a little bit of romance. just exactly how i like it.

while i liked this book, it is not perfect. it does have its misses but i thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless.

my bulleted thoughts on stalking jack the ripper:

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faehunterseriesbookoneeFae Hunter
Sarah K.L. Wilson

(Tangled Fae
Publication date: December 11th 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Young

Think you know fae? Think again.

Our lives are nursery rhymes and faerie stories now, Allie.

When Allie Hunter’s twin sister steps through a magic circle into the Faerie realm, she
opens the door to deadly fae, bent on causing havoc and harm to Allie’s village.

Rendered blind to all but the spirit world, Allie is frustrated and angry but determined to bring
the fae down. No matter what that might cost her.

But in a world where lies are truth, power is sustenance, and every action ripples into
violence, how can one mortal stop all of Faerieland?



TAG: Behind the Blogger

behind the blogger

Many thanks to Stephen from Stephen Writes for tagging me with something. I like being tagged, so this is very much appreciated. *heart eyes inserted here* A little bit about Stephen, I mean we don’t talk much but I do love the type of posts he does, especially the discussion posts. He does some wicked book reviews as well – let me not forget to mention how awesome he reviews them.

I’m blabbering a bit am I? Sorry. Got to excited that I got tagged.

Let’s get on to the tag, shall we?

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REVIEW: You by Caroline Kepnes


“You are a woman and I am a man and we belong in the dark together.”


I am still in shock at how scary and wonderful this book is.

I am, seriously, still dumbfounded by how much I enjoyed reading this. I don’t know what that says about me, but I was fascinated with how Joe’s mind work.

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THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY: Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

“Back then, I had an oversize sense of self-importance and absolutely no self-worth. It didn’t matter how gorgeous I was or how great my voice was or what magazine I was on the cover of. I mean, there were a lot of teenage girls that wanted to group up and be me in the late seventies. I was keenly aware of that. But the only reason people thought I had everything is because I had all the things you can see.

I had none of the things you can’t.”
– Daisy

Everyone was talking about Daisy Jones & the Six last year. However, because I try to stay away from hyped books as much as possible, I didn’t read this book until early this year – It was the best decision ever.

I am in love with Daisy Jones & the Six. I completely agree with all the hyped stuff everyone has been saying about this book because it was amazing. Nothing short of amazing.


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THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY: Psycho-Pass Season 1

“In order to measure a person’s worth, you must do more than push them. The real way to test their worth is to give them power. When they gain the freedom to act outside the boundaries of law and ethics, you can sometimes see their souls.” – Shogo Makishima

For fans of The Blade Runner and the Minority Report, this is an anime that you will surely fall head-over-heels for.

Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was just checking around Netflix, trying to find a new show to binge-watch, when I came across Psycho-Pass. Based on the synopsis on Netflix, you don’t get a lot of what it was about – Boy, was I surprised to see that this was more than just your regular anime.

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THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

DISCLAIMER: I have read this book back in 2016 and posted this review on Goodreads but my thoughts about this still has not changed. A lot of my Goodreads friends have loved this book; I was one of the few that did not love this. All The Bright places will be getting a movie starring Ellie Fanning, and while I believe she’ll do a great job of being Violet, I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll be watching if the story is much like the books.

DISCLAIMER 2: Don’t be fooled by that title. This book does not have a happy ending. Sorry to spoil things for you. But I just needed to say it. It’s one of the things I didn’t like the book.

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For someone who claims and swears by her love of books, I have not been very good at showing it, especially last year. I think I read such a few books I can’t even remember what they were. Lol.

Anyways, I promised myself I will be reading books this year. And I also promise myself I will be reading the unread books that have been waiting for me on my shelf. I have quite a few that I would have loved to read last year, but didn’t.

Here are some of the ones I am promising to read before the end of this year (hopefully).

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THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY: The Witcher Season 1

thewitcherSo that was surprising. I did not expect to love this series to be completely honest.

I love fantasy. Whether it’s a book, a TV series, movies, or whatever – I eat them up – but The Witcher was never in my radar until I saw the trailer with fucking Henry Cavill, clad in all black with elvish white hair; Damn. How can you resist watching that?

giphy (2)

So yeah. I watched this after the hype has gone down a bit because that’s just how I am. I tend to not like watching stuff that are so hyped up, because sometimes I fear I will get pressured into liking it because everyone does.

So anyways, like I said, I finally watched it.

This was how I looked like after the first episode.

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Dear Future Sandee

Hi Sandee,

I am you – writing from the past that is. I want to write the future me a letter to remind you that life isn’t always bad. It may not work out the way you plan it would. but everything eventually works out in the end. I know it might not seem like it right now but it will.

Currently, I am writing in the present, but when you read this again, it might probably be sometime in the future. Not sure when you’ll reread this but I hope you will. It’s possible that my circumstances might have already changed by then – who knows? Things might have gotten better for me, or gotten worse. I might have made more wrong decisions that would affect you, my future self, so let me apologize to you in advance for that. I’m only human by the way. We both are. But know that I am still trying my best to make things work. I am struggling to still make myself the best version of myself that I can be. I am still working my way through finally finding that happiness I have been longing for.

I’m sure you know, 2019 wasn’t the best year for us, and so were the many other years before that. I haven’t had the best year in a while. I used to love reading, writing, blogging, but I lost all interest in doing anything for the past few years. Things that I am passionate about suddenly stopped being interesting to me. I became extremely lethargic about doing things I love. Things were happening in my life, left and right, leaving me with no room for myself. There was no room to only focus on me and the things that I love. Whether it’s finances, career, family, relationships, everything around me was falling apart – there was nothing I could do to stop any of it.


I succumbed to depression. My anxiety has gotten worse. I stopped trusting people. I drifted away further from everyone. I was rarely getting enough sleep. I couldn’t focus on one thing for a long time. I stopped being productive. I stopped trying to do things. I stopped being myself. I couldn’t even recognize who this girl was anymore.

So dear Sandee, in the future, if you encounter things that would dishearten you or bring you down, please don’t make my mistakes. Please don’t give in to the thoughts inside your head feeding you with nonsense like how you are not good enough and that you will fail in whatever you want to do. Know that you are stronger than you think. Know that inside you, there is a strong woman who has been through a lot of shit yet is still here fighting her way through life like the warrior that she is.

I lost a fraction of my life giving in to the things that are trying to pull me away from the things that I really want to do. I lost track of how many times I have given in to the wishes of others when I couldn’t even give in to my own wishes. I lost a lot of time worrying about what will happen in the future because my anxiety-stricken brain always gets me worried about everything. My life has not been my own. Our life has not been ours for a long time. Please, make sure to live life as much as you possibly can.

I’ve always wanted to travel. If in case that I am not able to do that, remember that you should. I’ve always wanted to blog and share my thoughts to everyone who would listen. If I was not able do, then in the future, do it for yourself.

Always remember that money could be earned again but experiences would last you a lifetime – they are things that you could never buy with any amount of money in the world. Experience life. Experience the beauty of living in the moment. Don’t worry too much. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Learn to live life as it goes. Everything will eventually figure things out. They always do.

Let me remind you of something that you always seem to forget: Love yourself more. Your self-worth should not be determined by anyone else but yourself. The love that you have always been looking for is right inside you – if you could only look inside yourself. It is there. Other people will disappoint you, but not you. Love yourself first. Put yourself first. Always.


I can’t promise that 2020 would not be another 2019; however, we can sure as hell try to make it far better than the years before. I will promise to do the best I can to live my life as fully as possible this year.

love always